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Hello freinds!!!

After a year of fighting i have purchased a new SAMSUNG CORBY yesterday for Rs.5000… As far the usage i found it quite good but not sure how its gonna be useful for me after quiet some time.¬†

In this instance i would like to remind you that before two years i purchased a MOTOROLA RAZER with the same Rs. 5000. Its a flip flop model. I loved that a lot and it was my first camera mobile. Eventhough it was having a VGA camera i was very much contented with it. But two lady thieves took that mobile from me without my knowledge and it was one of my greatest loss. It had all my happy and painful moments. It was like one of my best friend next to books i have my mobile all the time. Anyways after two years for the same price i have got another mobile with more facilities like touch screen and 2 MegaPixel camera with good quality and sound effect ūüôā I love this mobile right now and hoping this could be my lucky mobile too.¬†

My purchase might show you the vast difference in price and product availability and its cost compared to the economy of the family. If you are able to purchase a product for Rs.10 last year this year you can purchase a better product for the same price of Rs. 10. But what happens is we people still live on the same income level of Rs. 10. This is the hypothesis regarding the technology industry as it grows rapidly without any lag and it makes it effective for middle-income group of people. 

Does this kind of hypothesis is maintained in all the industries???? The answer is a BIG NO. 

When you go for a metal industry for example take Gold. The price hike is been seen really much higher these days. Even when a person got Rs. 20000 salary is now getting an increased salary of Rs. 30000 he cannot afford the same piece of jewelry he bought before 2 years. The rates are such higher and is growing like a monster bringing fears into the heart of the common people. 

Even the grocery items have increased in its price rapidly. A family of 3 members can survive their life for a month with Rs. 15000 last year. But this year even though their income level has increased to Rs. 20000 they are not able to maintain their family and its expenses well. They have to sacrifice few of their things. This is called the real inflation. 

The government and political leaders spread word that India is a stabilized country and we will never get affected with inflation unlike other nations. Its really true when each citizen of¬†India¬†has a stabilized economy. But what is happening in this time period??? As per the saying “Rich gets richer and Poor gets poorer”.

We have¬†heard¬†of the minister Mr. Raja who¬†scammed¬†around 17600000000 crore amount through 2G. But what have we done? What has the government done? What is Mr. Raja doing now? All we could do as a fellow citizen is to look over the news and get surprised and make gossips with our family and¬†friends. Why¬†haven’t¬†anyone taken care of it? Is it his money? Each and every single paise the government of India¬†and¬†the politicians of¬†India¬†scam is our money. The money of fellow citizen. But we do not care about any of it. We vote for any person who offers many things like t.v, mixer, grinder and so on. But we do not care about our own money getting scammed from us by several culprits in various fields of¬†India.¬†

Even when our country is stable from inflation we, the citizen, will never have a stable life until the corruption is been abolished from dirty people. Let’s hope for a change in our mind and also in Indian government !!!¬†


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