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“One Women!”

“I’m never my own woman
too many reasons
not to be
the world
discourages me
so I hibernate
in every season
until life decides
to give me
a reason
to express myself.”
“I am one woman”


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“A Women!”

“I wonder if there was a women
A women who i could really care for
A women that would be down to ride
If there was a women like this she’ll be my night sky
My stars, my sun, and my moon
She’ll be my everlasting love my
She’ll be ‘A Women’
We’ll be as close as we could
Holding each other thinking about the decisions we’ll make
Thinking about our future
Looking each other in the eyes
Knowing our LOVE is true
‘A Women'”

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The people of Delhi, India celebrated the International Womens Day with the blood of Radhika Tanwar..

Even though there were more than hundred people on the foot-overbridge at Satya Niketan in South Delhi, where Radhika Tanwar, a second-year-student of Ram Lal Anand College was shot dead, no one came forward to her help, not even her friends.

Radhika lay bleeding on the ramp, and her friends who were accompanying her fled the scene.

A passerby, Ajit Singh, made a call to the police. “I was on the escalator when I heard a loud noise. A boy who claimed to be the girl’s friend stood near her. I asked the friend to help me take her down from the foot-overbridge, but he did not budge,” said Singh.

A constable, Sanoj Singh, who received the police control room call at 10.20 am, rushed to her help and took her in an auto-rickshaw to Safdarjung Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.

“There was no one near her. Everyone decided to be mute spectators. It was Constable Sanoj Singh who rushed her to hospital,”

Singh, who was the only one to make a PCR call, said he also called the college authorities after he found the girl’s identity card in her bag. “Till the time the constable came, I kept persuading people to take her to hospital, her friends including two girls, just vanished from the scene,” said Singh

We speak and publish lots and lots of articles, news, stories etc., about friendship, humanity and so on… but when we face a situation to act upon d moral values and ettiques we become a coward and bury under the greatest stupidity and selfishness…

is this why god created humans?? is it how he expected to be selfish for thyselves??? shame on u people !!!

God and Radhika is never gonna forgive those cowards who haven’t been a witness for this incident !

even after several incidents like this still we keep on hearing such news in our daily life… the government must take severe actions on the killer and teach such rouges a lesson which will be an example to other people who is under the thought of doing such things in future !

India is becoming a place of selfish people to live in !!!

Wake up India !!! Wake up Indians !!!

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A student of Ram Lal Anand College in Dhaula Kuan, Radhika, was shot dead on Tuesday on a foot over-bridge when she was going to college.

Radhika Tanwar (21) was attacked by an unidentified man near a foot-over-bridge outside Ramlal Anand College in Dhaula Kuan’s Shantiniketan area at around 10:20am, a senior official said. The victim resided in Naraina Village.

The incident has caused outrage in the city, which was celebrating International Women’s Day, and again raised questions over the law and order situation in the capital.

Angry over the murder, a large number of students in Delhi University south campus staged a protest demonstration against the lack of security for students and blocked the Ring Road. Some locals also joined the protest.

“A man came from behind and opened fire at her. A bullet hit her stomach. The attacker managed to flee the scene soon after the incident,” a senior police official said.

Passersby took the girl in an autorickshaw to Safdurjung Hospital where she was declared brought dead, the official said.

Radhika’s I-card and cellphone were recovered from the spot. “The incident clearly indicates that the attacker’s purpose was only to kill her as her personal belongings were left untouched. It also seems like a pre-planned murder because the attacker chose the foot over-bridge to shoot her as there are fewer people there. The attacker was chased by the friend of the deceased but he leapt off the bridge and then jumped over a fence and escaped,” Dhaliwal said. The deceased has two brothers, Vipin Tanwar and Praveen Tanwar, and a sister, Rajni Tanwar. Vipin is a first-year student of BBA in a private college, Rajni is studying in Gwalior and Praveen is a second standard student at Indira Idol Senior Secondary School in Janakpuri. The father of the deceased Rajender Singh Tanwar is a property dealer and operates from an office in Naraina village. The uncle of the deceased Pramod Tanwar is a district secretary of the BJP from Najafgarh area.

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“A symbol of modesty and mercy
Healing for the whole of humanity
Gentle her touch, so her words
Bless the women for her powers

Women, the truth and the love
Showers on children and her love
Looking nothing, seeking no rewards
Only piety flowing through her glance”

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IWD !!!


Hey ppl !!! Its International womens day !!! Lets start our celebration for women…

Its the 100th IWD !!! Its been 100 years since we started celebrating womens day… But do all the ppl knew about it… nope… only the latest few years ppl got to know about the celebration…

But women are the main savior of our universe and they shine in every part of the world in various fields…

Come on ppl !!! Lets vote for women and make them uplift our universe… Today 8th march is the women’s day… Lets make them happy and be happy forever…

Happy Women’s Day !!!

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நேற்றிரவு நான் நித்திரையில் லயித்திருந்தேன்

சில்லென்ற மென் காற்று என் தேகம் வருட

கண் விழித்துப் பார்த்தேன்

நீ என் அருகில் மிக அருகில்

அமர்ந்து என்னை உற்று நோக்கிக்கொண்டு இருந்தாய்


என் மனம் என்னை கடிந்து கொண்டது

” எப்பொழுதும் காணும் கனவு தான் உறங்கு” என்று

என் புத்திக்கோ அது புரியவில்லை

புரியாத குழப்பத்திலும் நீ வந்த மகிழ்ச்சியிலும்

தன்னிலை அறியாமல் தவித்தது


மனதில் பல நூறு பூக்கள் விரிய

கண்களில் பல ஆயிரம் மின்னல் வெட்ட

சொர்கத்தின் பல கோடி தேவதைகள் என்னை அழைக்க

நானும் நாய்குட்டி போல் நுழைந்தேன்

எனக்கும் உனக்குமான கனவுலகில்


“ஏனடா செல்லம் என்னை விட்டு விலகினாய்?”

“ஏன் என்னை கடிந்து கொண்டாய் ?”

“ஏன் என்னிடம் பொய் சொன்னாய்?”

பல கேள்விகளை அடுக்கினேன் என்னவனிடம் …

ஆனால் ஒரு பதிலும் கிடைக்கவில்லை


எப்பொழுதும் போலவே இன்றும் நீ …


எண்ணற்ற கேள்விகளும்

விடையிலா உனது மௌனங்களுமாய்

எனது கண்ணீருடன் நேரமும் கரைந்தது

“என்னடி இன்னும் தூக்கம்

வேலைக்கு நேரம் ஆகவில்லையா எழுந்திரி….”

அம்மாவின் ரீங்காரம் நம் உலகத்தை கலைத்தது


எவ்வளவோ ஆசைகளும் கனவுகளும்

கண்களில் தெரிய

என் முகத்தை கண்ணாடியில் பார்த்தேன்

கனவில் உன்னுடன் கழித்த நிமிடங்களின்

ஆனந்தம் மினியது


நீ விட்டு சென்ற சோகத்தின் மிச்சங்களும்

என்றும் விலகாத வடு போல்

ஆழமாக என் கண்களிலும் மனதிலும்…. 😦

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