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Healthy heart

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Love is like…

Love Is Like A WALL … 
If SHE Doesn’t Know 
You LOVE Her , 
Means The Wall Isn’t 
If SHE Knows YOU 
LOVE Her Very Much 

SHE Also LOVES You , 
The Wall Is Broken To 
Shatter ♥ 

When SHE Doesn’t LOVE 
You Any More, 
SHE’S Building Up The Wall 
With Bricks N Stone , While 
YOU R On The Other Side, 
HURT N UNLOVED . . . =/ 

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Defining love !

Love defined by

A 5 year old Girl -“Love is when he takes my chocolates and comes back with its wrapper

A 10 year old Girl -“Love is when we work for a project and he intentionally touch my hand trying to get a pen !”

A 15 year old Girl -” Love is when we get caught bunking and he takes the blame ”

An 18 year …old Girl -” Love is when at farewell he hugs me saying ‘ keep in touch’ !”

A 21 year old Girl -” Love is when he runs from college with me just for a week long trip together !!”

A 26 year old -“Love is when he proposes me with a rose and makes a fool of himself, and says ‘U know i love You’ ”

A 35 year old woman -“love is when he cleans the house seeing me tired”

A 50 year old woman -” love is when he is ill and still cracks a joke just me laugh !

A 60 year old woman -‘love is when he is taking his last breath and saying, ‘ I
am glad as you know what love is,,’and leaves me with a tear forever”



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The different predictions of global mean temperature change obtained from 8 different climate models under the SRES A2 emissions scenario (one which assumes no significant action to combat greenhouse gas emissions).


The predicted warming over the 21st century due to business as usualgreenhouse gas emissions scenario (IS92a) as reported by the HadCM3 climate model. The average warming in this model is 3.0 °C.



Conceptual assessment of the risks and impacts of global warmingacross five areas of concern as a function of increasing temperature, as interpreted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in their Third Assessment Report.



The predicted change in global mean sea level in a range of climate models following a business as usual emissions scenario (IS92a). The grey bar at 2100 indicates the full uncertainty range.



The predicted change in Arctic sea ice between 1950 and 2050, according to a climate model run by the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.



Predicted increase in the maximum intensity that hurricanes and othertropical cyclones are likely to achieve under otherwise favorable conditions.








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