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Love is in air…..

by Videhi

Every word of his fills me with glee
Every stare of his energizes me
He has oxygenized my dying soul
And stole my heart on whole!

Every unspoken word of his conveys a song
Every smile of his showers affection
The magic of this relation has been so strong
My Heart echoes with his and I can sense the heavenly connection!

I can’t believe that am cherishing the sweetness of his presence
I pray God for him at every instance
and wish life gives me a chance
If not, my heart will be worn out in his absence!


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When we had a conversation for the first time

You didn’t notice me- but am lost !

When we exchanged our contacts

You didn’t realize me – but am lost !

When we spoke for the first time

You didn’t hear me – but am lost !

When we shared our secrets

You didn’t find me – but am lost !

When we first met together

You didn’t see me – but am lost !

When we loved each other

You didn’t understand me – but am lost !

When you lied to me

You didn’t love me – but am dead !!!

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….My Crush :)

Am not certain about the day we met
But sure about how I felt at that instance
You passed on like a wave
Making me breathless

You are not adorable
You are not famed
But you swept of my feet
Yeah am sure you did it 🙂
I was thunderstruck
Those are most memorable…
The days of waiting to see you
The hours of eagerness to speak with you
The minutes of silence when I look at you
And seconds of happiness when you look at me
Hey man… you are my crush…
Now and forever 🙂

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Why did u came into my life?

Why did u made me feel better?

Why did u made me love u?

Why did u poured so much of affection?

Why did u helped me out in my hardest times?

And why did u lie to me???

I believed u more than anyone…

I loved u more than anybody else could…

I made u smile and happy…

I thought I would be ur only girl…

But u proved me wrong…

Yeah… I was mad…

Not on my love… but on u…

I am mad at u…

Still I’m madly in love with u…

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Some Days….

by praveen

some days i want to live
some days i wish it’s over
some days i long to see
some days i wait to die;

some days i think i am fine
some days i believe i have a problem
some days i am strong
some days i am weak;

some days i am closer to truth
some days it seems far far away
some days i think i understand
some days i am just lost;

some days i just wish
everything would disappear
some days i just hope
you could be near;

some days i have a feeling
one day everything
will be alright
and that day is closer
than ever;


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Can I Call You Angel?

by Erin Sheets

Mother Angel

The snow fell, leaving a halo of white upon your head,
and that’s when I said,
“Can I call you Angel?”

You looked at me with surprise,
but I could see it in your eyes,
and I knew.

As you sang silent night,
your beautiful voice put me at ease,
and I asked please,
“Can I call you Angel?”

A smile came to your face with serenity and grace,
but you said not a word.
In my darkest hours you held my hand,
never leaving my side, and I said, while I cried,
“Can I call you Angel? “

You then began to wipe the tears away
and erase all the gray in my life.
You led me down a path of gold,
telling me of the creator above,
and again I asked with a greater love,
“Can I call you Angel?”

You never answered my plea,
so I fell to my knee in prayer.
As I opened my eyes, I could see you before me;
Your wings spread and a golden halo upon your head
and one last time I said,
“Mother, can I call you Angel?”

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