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Have you ever experienced the pain?

The real pain…

That appears in your heart…

It’s either given by your loved ones

Or volunteered by yourself

What so ever the reason may be

But the pain remains the same for whole humanity

When someone you love

You care, you dream of

Having for your life time

Hurts you in some way

Tearing your heart and soul apart

Making you feel lonely in a crowd

Bringing you unstoppable tears over their memories

Showing you the hell while you are still alive

And moreover made you a body without soul…

Walking through the empty streets

And wetted roads after a heavy rainfall

Never minding over the changes

Happening inside and outside of your body

Thoroughly engulfed by their thoughts

And sweet memories you had

With an unconditional love…

Weak even to wipe out

The rolling tears

Which fell from your eyes

Rolls over your cheeks

And ends in your dry lips

With a salty taste lingering

In lips, heart and mind…



That’s pain…

That’s the realm of pain…

That’s the effect of pain…


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Today is your birthday

The day you came into this world

The day your parents were overwhelmed

And the day I was with you

Thinking and wishing to be

Holding your hands forever

But alas!

The time has changed

You and I got changed too

With loads of affections in our hearts for us

Fading and falling as the dried leaves of autumn

We move away on each other’s track

With so much of tricky situation

But though we are moved apart

Far away to reach each other

It’s your Birthday

And still I think of you

And our memories to cherish

With whole lots of love in my Heart

It’s my time to wish you

A very Happy Birthday My Forever Love!!!

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I stand beneath the oak tree
pounding over
the good old memories
of our intimacy!

The days fell short
and nights grew long
missing each of our proximity
we spend it together!

Wandering over the empty streets
or sailing through the loaded streets
never minding of the surrounding
so deeply mesmerized in love!

Giggling at silly jokes
teasing over the little secrets
we conceded our meetings
melting our hearts each moment!

Whispering at each other’s ears
and holding hands with comfort
after mad fights and tiny wars
meant to prolong that jiffy till death! 

Lovely days are those
which may never come back
and I sit beneath the oak tree
cherishing those vanished memories!

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Life teaches me

So many lessons !!!

Though am not ready for learning any of it !!!

I pray god to take me away to his feet…

For i shall be a slave to him

And serve him better !

Instead to have a life

Without you forever

And watching you smiling, playing

Hugging & Kissing some other !!!

Let my love and faith fly away

Making you and your latest life

Way much better than we had !!!

Missing you with a depressed heart

And still loving you !?!

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Hello all,

I have recently seen people getting married and getting divorced sooner, not even waiting for an year of time. But why does this happen? It does not depend on the country or people with cultural differences. It happens due to the human minds getting dumped with various unwanted fantasies which leaves their marriage life a big question mark…

In older days people were aware of the customs and bonds a marriage offers the two within a relationship. The love, warmth, happiness, sacrifices, adjustments and many other criterion’s were merged together under a relationship. But in this modern era people run back of money, name and fame. They find their life is contented with such unrealistic pleasures which may pass away at a particular period of time. There is no eternity for these pleasures.

Once their time of unrealistic pleasures passes away they are left out alone with loads and loads of grief, fear and sadness filling their heart. There wont be any children or grandchildren to play with them, make them laugh, disturb them asking bedtime stories or walk them home from school. All that remins is a silent house, unspoken words and lacking eagerness for joy and pleasure.

Do the people who get divorces easily think of their family and kids? I hope the answer is a big NO. Once if there are some sort of arrogant or violent behavior from the partner there is a need for divorce which may act as a big relief to both the parent and the kid. But changing minds and acting irresponsibly by both leads the child to a state of psychological illness. 

According to the Indian law the following aspects are been taken for divorce:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Cruelty
  • Impotency
  • Chronic Disease
Other than these any kind of act is not considered as an offence under the Divorce law. 

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Dear mom….

How could i ever forget your grace?

Your warmth that wraps me

Your love that sooths me…

How could i ever neglect your care?

Your sleepless nights to watch me

Your sacrifices just to see me okay…

How could i ever deny your everlasting love?

Your every little tears shed for my recovery

Your life long commitment to hold me secured…

Love you Mommy,

For your everlasting love, care, affection…

Your wholehearted grace,

In bringing me up from a toddler

To an adult…

Love you always and forever Mom

Till my soul disappears in this universe !!!

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Drag me……

Oh Lord!!!

Please drag me to your feet !

Why have you put me through this hell?

Do I have to undergo this forever?

Gone are the days of happiness

Joy and Sunshine in me…

Left behind are the rotten up shadows

Full of mess around me…

What have i done so

To be unforgivable…

Please Lord…

Let me breath a fresh air

Atleast for the last time

Before my last breath…

So i can be at your feet

With peace and serenity

In my soul forever…


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