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HOT Summer, Makes our body to loose its energy and glucose and raises temperature. IN summer we face many problems like sunstroke, dehydration, Excessive heat and sweating, Skin allergies, acne, acidity etc. So some home remedies to make you body refresh and normal even in this hot temperatures.


Should drink at least 2 lit water every day. Never let your throat dry.



Juices of watery fruits like watermelon, Mosambi,

Orange, pineapple should be taken in a day.



Lassi(With sugar and rose petals) is good cooling liquid in summer. That cools body saves form sunstroke.



Mint water or herbal tea are the good drinks in summer

that hydrate your body.


Food with sweet, bitter are good in summer than      sour salty or spicy.

Diet should include more fruits.    Its good to use spices like mint, fennela, anise,  cardamom while preparing recipes.




Bathing with neem flavored water saves your skin

from sun burn burns and allergies.




Skin tanning in summer can be removes by applying  watermelon juice .





Yoga asanas has the power to cool your body, Shitali Pranyama breathing exercise that lower the body temperatures.


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Skin care….

As skin varies from normal, oily, dry and combination of both,its better to determine the skin type before taking your initial step for skin care or you can also consult a good dermatologist. For quick results go for
home made herbal remedies (no side effects).


Fenugreek seeds – A good anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant herb. It helps to cure many skin diseases like pain, redness, swelling, sunburns & boils. Put a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water. Allow it to boil until it steep down. Now cool it and add sugar or honey.Drink this twice a day as it removes waste material accumulated in skin.

A paste of fenugreek seeds boiled in water & grinded to paste can heal the wounds or cuts.

Cucumber – Apply cucumber juice on face for clear skin and raw potatoes slice on face to remove black spots.

Curd – Mix curd(1tsp) & honey(2 drops) well & apply it on face. Leave it for 30min and wash it with cold water.

Mixture of honey,lemon juice & vegetable oil Apply it on face to make the skin glow & gives good moisture for dry skin.


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